05 March 2010

The New List.

I've been in France for 36 days...five weeks......four days of classes...three nights in Paris...two "holidays" [if you count my birthday]...one week of classes...and the realization that few things are ever going to get checked off on my list of "Things to do on my European Adventure" at the rate I'm going.

Here's why:

  • 1. Meet a handsome French man and take a tour of his city [I haven't seen many handsome French men yet]
  • 2. See Ireland on St. Patrick's Day [I have school. And I'm going in April]
  • 3. See Rome at Easter [I also have school. And I've heard it's not too fun, due to the massive crowds]
  • 4. Speak fluent French [a possibility, by July or so. A distant possibility, but a possibility.]
  • 5. Spend no more than five days in Paris [I'll reach my 5-day quota on March 21st]
  • 6. Take beautiful pictures [I think I'm succeeding at this one]
  • 7. Talk to little old ladies and learn about their lives [French ladies are slightly unapproachable. But I'm working on it.]
  • 8. Try five new foods I think I'll hate [accomplished that with the nuns in Jouarre, all the foods were basically just plates full of vegetables]
  • 9. Go hiking [do that. Or at least I walk a lot. And once it gets nicer we'll go hiking in the volcanoes outside of town]
  • 10. Swim in the Mediterranean [still a possibility]

So. Here is my newly revised list.
  1. Meet cool French kids while volunteering over the summer
  2. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  3. Get to my mom to decide when and where she's going to visit me
  4. Speak fluent French
  5. Spend no more than five days in Paris
  6. Take beautiful pictures
  7. Talk to more French people
  8. Continue trying new foods
  9. Go hiking
  10. Swim in the Mediterranean
I think I can do it.

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