23 March 2010

Lilikim, meet Martin

"I think they're the names someone wants to name their children."
"No. I think Lili and Kim are a couple and their adoptive child is named Martin. That's definitely what it is."
That is the discussion Cari, Chantelle, and I have been having this semester about the origins of the username and password for the wireless connection we use here (no one knows how all the students found out about lilikim and martin; but truly everyone knows and uses their internet, whoever they are).
In the park yesterday, Chantelle and I met a little boy, whom we have now and forever named Martin. Chantelle is Kim and I am Lili, put us together and we make a beautiful family.
"Martin" played with us for a solid half hour, if not longer, and kept us wildly entertained with his love for "des canards" (the ducks), "des oiseaux" (birds), and a bottle of Sprite some kids shook up then exploded nearby. So far, he's my favorite French boy I've met, and definitely the most outgoing. Then again...it's hard to compete with a four-year-old for my attention; small children will win almost every time :)

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