10 June 2010

I live in a boarding school.

Here I am in Lyon !! Sorry for the slowness of posting about the move; I can only get wifi if I go outside and sit on the stairs to my floor and if I want to use the school’s computer room I have to be lucky enough to find someone to unlock it for me first. So, it’s definitely a do-able thing and I still manage to get the internet whenever I need it, but It means that things are a bit more of a “process” than they used to be as far as internet-ing goes J

Life is good here, I live in one of the rooms of the boarding school and it’s definitely bigger than my room in Clermont, which is quite a nice change. I have to wake up SOOOO early here…7:15am every day. But I can go to bed early, too. So I guess it’s not that bad. I eat breakfast with the nuns and lunch and dinner in the school cafeteria usually. There’s another girl here right now doing the same thing as me, so that’s nice because I have another young person to chit chat with. So far I’ve met three of the six nuns who live at the school (Lycée Don Bosco): Sr. Marie Béatrice, Sr. Marie Therese and Sr. Françoise. There’s also another community of nuns from the same order in Lyon and I also do stuff with them a few times a week. They’re Sr. Chantelle; Virginie (postulante, not a nun yet), Sr. Jeanne-Marie, Sr. Anne and Sr. Catherine. Sr. Catherine is so cute ; she’s pretty old and she has Parkinson’s Disease, but she’s still very “with-it” and fun to talk to.

During my first week and a half here I’ve done quite a variety of things: worked with some mentally handicapped students, talked to girls from the boarding school, done some outreach-type work with kids from poorer neighborhoods, tutored a boy in English, eaten traditional Lyonnaise food.

I really enjoy all the work I’ve done so far, each experience has been worthwhile and confirmed my belief that, despite growing up with different cultures, languages, etc. people are mostly just…people. So there aren’t really that many differences I’ve been able to pinpoint between the kids I’ve been interacting with in France and the ones I interact with in the U.S.

Sooner than later I’ll manage to take my camera out and get some pictures of where I live now, but until then, that’s all I’ve got!

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