11 April 2010


"Every field wears a bonnet with some spring daisies on it, even birds of a feather show their clothes off together...spring, spring spring"

IT'S SPRINGTIME!!! And the flowers are in bloom and just as lovely as they can be :) So here are some shots of color to brighten your day.

Sorry if it takes a long time to load; Blogspot only lets me load five pictures and, well...I had more than five pictures to show you. And this way you also get to hear Beyoncé singing to you, which can never be a bad thing.

Also, I do believe I'm supposed to announce to the world that I do not own Beyoncé or her songs or her voice. So. I don't. Lastly, I really hope the song plays without skipping, but it skipped once when I was watching it. So if it does...just mute it and listen to Beyoncé some other time.

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