09 April 2010


In just four short days, I will not only be in Ireland, but Glee will also have started it's final episodes of Season 1!!!! I'm quite excited about both facts.
But, before those things happen, I suppose I should mention things about Easter and class and such that have happened in my life.
So. Classes continue to go well, I enjoy them all and haven't completely failed anything yet, so that's a plus. My room is currently messier than it has ever been while in France and it's driving me a little crazy, but that's easily fixed.
Easter was quite different than anything I've ever experienced; gone were the glories of Curé, it's choir, and Fr. Charles' quaky singing voice and "little prayers."
Palm Sunday was nice, the Frenchies waved their palm branches (which were actually leafy tree branches) during the Hosanna, so that was a neat touch, and it was overall an appropriately Palm Sunday-like service.
Thursday I didn't go to church so I can't vouch for how that went; Friday Cari and I tried to go to the veneration of the cross but ended up at Stations of the Cross instead, so that was...that. Saturday we went to Easter Vigil but it was actually really un-festive I thought. Again, it's probably mostly because I like my own church with the organ and piano and flute and strings and bells and tympani and good choir and Mark Fortino singing about Horses and Chariots. But it was still Easter, so that's good.
Sunday afternoon we got together to have an international feast, featuring delicious Jura soup from Poland (Ola's mom is going to teach me how to make it when I visit), yummy homemade brown bread from Ireland, tortilla pizzas made by yours truly, and delectable pasta from Cari. We also had some Cadbury easter eggs and Bulmer's hard cider, which were both quite tasty.
That night Ola invited us to join some of her Polish friends for a "vodka night" with Polish vodka (I think it's called Wyborny but I could be wrong). The vodka did taste okay, it wasn't the mind-blowing experience I was expecting from their description of the greatness of Polish vodka, but it wasn't bad.
Wednesday we surprised Cari for her 21st birthday; we bought her a tiara and a wand (both of which she was extremely excited about) that she wore the whole night long...we started out with cake and champagne in Chantelle's room then went to a bar where there was supposed to be a karaoke night. The karaoke night ended up not happening, but the bar was nice and we'd never been there before, so that was good. Then we went to an Australian Pub we'd been wondering about since getting here where we met some French men who were more than willing to help Cari celebrate her birthday. So that was fun.
This week marked the end of classes until April 27th and also the first time my Argumentation teacher was impressed by something that came out of my mouth! It was quite an accomplishment. Generally that class is just filled with him making fun of me for always forgetting my accents (it's true, I'm very bad about that) but I actually came up with an interesting intro on Thursday and I was/am quite proud. [notable note: my Argumentation teacher is actually my favorite; he's really funny and blunt...he's the kind of teacher you either hate because he's sort of sarcastic-ish or you love because he's sort of sarcastic-ish. And I happen to love it. ]
This weekend will be full of laundry; packing, and sleeping and after that...IRELAND!!!!!! Can't wait :)

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