06 February 2010

Sleep All Day

That's pretty much what I did my first few days here.
Have I chosen classes yet? No. (They don't start till March 2nd. Evidently they were supposed to start earlier but they aren't going to.)
Have I officially enrolled at Blaise-Pascal? No. They needed another document the day I went in and the day I went back they told me to come back later...I was busy later.
Have I found the post office? Yes. But haven't mailed what I need to mail yet.
Have I met people? Yes.
Have I gotten a job? Yes. As a lab assistant in the English Learning program here at Blaise-Pascal. Unknowingly, I decided to attend a school that has a state-of-the-art, award winning English learning program that utilizes computers for listening and speaking exercises for the students and people for going around and talking to them. It doesn't pay very much, but it's very cool and will probably be a good resume' builder.
Yesterday I broke down and got a phone (I know, I know, a long time of holding out, eh?). But it was a necessary thing, I think. And as long as I balance my phone costs with my food costs I think I can afford it fairly easily. With the lack of dependable internet connections and the plethora of different student residences, it's hard to get a hold of people/make plans without having a phone.
Last night I went to a bar as a completely legal young person...not really that exciting, but I think it's probably notable enough to be a notable note. It was really expensive and I, who come from a background of "girls get in [and drink] for free," didn't really see the need to spend 6euro for a tiny little drink. But it was a fun bar, lots of people, lots of laughter.
Next week starts my mission to accomplish everything necessary for me to become a fully enrolled and registered student here, as well as my first week of work. Wish me luck!

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