16 February 2010

I wish all tests were like this.

Yesterday I took my placement exam for my French classes...step number 4 out of 6 in getting credit for my "intensive language and culture semester."
1. Go to France
2. Enroll in university
3. Sign up for placement test
4. Take placement test
5. Go to class and learn things
6. Pass finals with flying colors
Something makes me thing steps 1-4 might have been the easy part...]
The test was actually not too bad; three different short writing sections and an "oral exam" that didn't actually involve too much talking--it mostly was just a woman telling me what level I would be in.
I'm in level 4 [there are 6 levels], which is where I hoped to be, and will have 15 hours of French classes a week starting March 2nd. My French classes will include two writing classes (one more essay-based and one more narrative-based I think), a reading comprehension class, a conversation class, a literature class, and a class on the history of civilization in the Auvergne Region.
Between those classes, my 2-3 hour "S.T.A.R." class (Studying The Auvergne as a Region, a class for exchange students taught in English that is separate from my French class on the Auvergne), and my 8 hours per week in the English learning lab, I think I'll have a nice balance of being busy but not TOO busy, a demanding schedule but not TOO demanding.

Next week we have a school holiday [yes, I get to experience a holiday...I technically started classes last Tuesday with my work in the language lab] and a few of us are going to spend a few nights in Paris "doing all the tourist-y things." It should be fun!

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