26 December 2009

This Could Make Things Interesting....

Today I was looking around on my school's website, trying to familiarize myself with the school a little bit (I can't decide if I'm just not looking in the right places or if French websites simply aren't as interactive as American ones)and I came across the academic calendar. It has a very confusing thing on it; it says the second semester starts January 18th, however, all my paperwork from Blaise-Pascal says I'll be studying February 1-June 30, that my room and board goes from February 1-June 30, and that my insurance starts February 1 as well.
So, I'm still mostly confidant that I'm planning on getting there for the proper dates since the university itself sent me papers with those dates on them, however, it's still a bit concerning I think.
I emailed the lady in charge of my program, but she is out of the office until after New Years, so I guess I'll just wait and see!

19 January 2010:
Brigitte Meilleroux emailed me back and my flights are safe! My classes don't start until 15 February, so I will be there in plenty of time for classes to start.

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